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What We Do...

Wedding and Event DJ!

Beach Weddings, Crystal sound and Magic Dj

On location sound for your music, musicians, and guest speakers. You pick the songs and leave everything else to me.  Includes some really nice classical selections up to an hour before the ceremony while everyone is being seated.

Wedding Officiant *

I work with you to create a custom ceremony that is uniquely yours. It's your wedding and it should be all about you! They call me The Rockin Rev!

(*Wedding officiant as a stand alone service is only available in the Greenville NC area. All other areas must combine with a premium package.)

The Music Sets The Tone......

No Time Limit! (Ever) Even If it goes all night long!!!

  • You pick the songs you want in your playlist and I will pick even more based on your  taste.

  • Always CLEAN versions of songs!

  • Complete respect of your NO PLAY LIST!

  • Unlimited Party Games (Bride / Groom Trivia, The Newlywed Game (Shoe Game)  etc. 

  • We work hand in hand with you and your vendors to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • State of the art dance floor lighting to give you a club-like feel without being overpowering.

  • Wedding Insurance - I am an ordained minister and as such when you hire us we can be at the ready in case God forbid your Wedding Officiant does not show up. (accident, illness traffic delays etc.) Your day will go on no matter what!

If you have an Event other than a Wedding such as a Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Reunion, etc. Please click HERE

Timeless Photography and Video!


Have your Ceremony recorded on video for all time! We use wireless mics and record everything from beginning to end. 

This is for the Bride and Groom that otherwise would not have a videographer because they believe it is just too expensive. We are here to change all that! (We do high end cutting-edge work as well so call for pricing on that!)

Your Wedding Films will be shot in high definition (1080p) and professionally edited with music you like in a linear documentary fashion that makes sense. We post your Films online with a private password so that you can share it with whomever you chose and you can also download it and save it to DVD or whatever media you choose. We use small unobtrusive equipment and best of all we make it fun! 

HD drone footage and photos of the venue before the ceremony and/or romantic shots of the bride and groom after the ceremony. *FAA rules and weather permitting. We reserve the right to cancel this option (which is at no charge on our premium "we want it all" and "Multimedia" packages only.) if conditions make the shoot dangerous, impossible due to weather such as wind and/or rain or FAA rules prohibit due to location.

Ask about special pricing for combining Video, DJ and Officiant in one exciting all inclusive Package and our one of a kind delivery system!

To see more examples of our work click the image of the camera or the link below



Our cutting-edge, candid, and creative approach to wedding photography has been wowing couples throughout the region since 1999.  It is our  aim to capture those fleeting moments and raw emotions that define your special day.  We will be there with a great attitude, well dressed,  and in the background, unobtrusively capturing your day, to create a storybook cache of memories for you to treasure. (Usually over a thousand images.)  

Some couples need us for just a couple hours to shoot the Ceremony and Romantic shots. Others will want us all day from the Hair Appointment to the very end of the reception. It is your day so we can custom tailor a package that will be perfect for you.

We use state-of-the-art Nikon DSLR cameras and always try (if at all possible) to shoot using ambient light (no flash). It is a wedding not a fashion show!

Oh and be sure to ask us about combining DJ, Officiant and Photography into one affordable package that will save you thousands of dollars and our unique photo delivery system. It is game changing!

For more examples of our recent work check out our Gallery Showcase!

Crystal sound and Magic Dj, Wedding
Crystal sound and Magic Dj, Bride
Crystal sound and Magic Dj, Bride
Crystal sound and Magic Dj, Wright

Onsite Coordination

Don't stress we got this, Crystal sound and Magic Dj

Let's face it planning a wedding is a daunting task as best. Which vendor do I choose? Will they show up? (Will I regret it if they do?) What time do we walk down the aisle so that the formal pictures are taken right as the sunlight is perfect. (What photographers call the Magic Hour.) When do we cut the cake? 

And the list goes on and on...It's what I like to call Wedding Minutia.

You don't have to do it all alone. With over 16 Years in the wedding business I have on many occasions stepped in to help. I know all of the vendors that are competent and reliable. I know the order of events (Timeline)  and can even help you create something unique. (No i wont go on cake tastings with you but you get the idea.) So don't rip out your hair just yet....I'm only a phone call away. 

Custom Gobos (Monograms)

Crystal sound and Magic Dj

A cut above the rest, your wedding will have the look of elegance and sophistication that will rival any A-List affair.


Our Gobos are custom designed and etched in either glass or metal and you get to keep the gobo as a keepsake. 

(Price varies depending on material and colors...Call for details.)

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